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Mabel Doak surrounded by a brown background

Mabel Doak

Mabel Doak is a gifted music teacher. Generations of her students have come to know her unwavering commitment to their own personal success. Her students attest to her high expectations and her extraordinary level of technical knowledge and musicality being paired with a teaching style that is marked with generosity, warmth, positivity, encouragement and patience.

She began taking singing lessons herself at a young age and went on to win various scholarships and competitions, giving acclaimed performances, conducting award-winning choirs, adjudicating at music festivals and serving for many years at the Fredericton Music Festival and the New Brunswick Federation of Music Festivals.

Several of her students have gone on to pursue academic study and professional careers in singing. Many have gone on to teach others thereby perpetuating her personal legacy. Students of Mabel Doak not only learn lessons in music, they learn valuable lessons in achieving a productive and fulfilling life.