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Headshot of Lynn Addleman

Lynn Addleman

For 40 years, Lynn Addleman has worked diligently as a leader and supporter of the arts community in Fredericton. Much of this work has been behind the scenes in her volunteer role as costume designer and coordinator for Fredericton High School drama and musical theatre productions.

Lynn crafted costumes for more than 100 students each year. The care she took to ensure each student felt special and valued was evident from the work that was put into each costume, always making sure it fit just right, that each student was comfortable and happy in their garments, and that the costumes fit the period of the show.

Lynn has also maintained more than 10,000 costume pieces, and has prepared rentals for local public schools, universities, Noteable Acts, Bard In the Barracks, Theatre New Brunswick’s Theatre School as well as other community theatre groups and individuals. She has also taken on roles as a fundraiser, event coordinator and volunteer for many other arts groups in Fredericton.

Lynn has demonstrated excellence in her craft of costume design, while showing care and compassion for those she serves. Her ability to support and inspire others while working behind the scenes is most impressive.