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Série kidstage

Conçue pour capter l’imagination des enfants, la série Kidstage est le meilleur moyen d’initier un jeune auditoire à la magie des arts d’interprétation. Présentant quatre spectacles, la série Kidstage 2019-2020 permet aux familles de créer des souvenirs durables que les enfants chériront pendant plusieurs années.

Cette saison, le Playhouse est heureux de proposer un tarif selon la formule « payez ce que vous voulez » pour tous les quatre spectacles de la série Kidstage.

Sleeping Beauty

DuffleBag Theatre
Vendredi, 27 décembre à 14 h et 18 h 30

This holiday season, DuffleBag Theatre brings the classic story of Sleeping Beauty to life, with lots of hilarious twists along the way! DuffleBag’s fractured fairytales are an annual favourite, full of spontaneous fun and audience involvement.

The Joshua Show

Dimanche, 23 février à 14 h

Spend an afternoon with the charming Joshua Holden and his musical sidekick Alex Knapp as they share a heartwarming story about friendship, confidence and the value of being yourself. How do you cheer up when life gets you down? Find out in this whimsical production featuring puppetry, live music, physical comedy, and tap dancing!


Dimanche, 29 mars à 14 h

Founded in 1974, l’Aubergine has set itself the objectigve of dramatizing clowning arts through the creation, production and disciplines of the performing and circus arts, all of which are used to serve the characters. In this piece, Terzetto, the very different worlds of three clowns will collide. Gradually forgetting their own individuality, they build rapport around what they hold most dear: their playfulness, their ‘joie de vivre’ and an uncontrollable imagination.

Through various scenes forged with humour and flair, this performance examines the topics of human relationships. It inspires playfulness, joy, and—most of all—lots of laughter, as these three clowsn have a few tricks up their sleeves.

The Amazing Max

Dimanche, 3 mai | 14 h

“The Amazing Max” is known for his extraordinary skills as a magician and ability to entertain adult audiences while keeping the little ones spellbound. Max combines magic and comedy for a high-energy, interactive and all-around silly show that is appropriate for audiences of all ages.

Merci à notre partenaire de la série kidstage: