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Sunday 06 June 2021 - 7:30pm
Ticket Prices: Regular $23.50 -- Regular + CD $33.50 (+hst)

All sales are by phone or in person only.

“…one of the strongest New Brunswick music collaborations in some time … a wonderful celebration of musical friendships.” – Grid City Magazine

“Northeastern Chorus is an album about coming together at a time of unprecedented isolation.” – The East Magazine

Northeastern Chorus is not a Sleepy Driver album. It’s a collaboration. It’s like-minded musical spirits celebrating community and creativity.

Throughout their years as a band, Sleepy Driver has had the good fortune to work with so many talented people: singers, songwriters, and players who either shared a bill or came to contribute to projects as a result of mutual friendships. And now, these collaborations have been realized as “Northeastern Chorus.”

The album Northeastern Chorus features songs by Sleepy Driver members Peter Hicks and John Heinstein, Juanita Bourque (Sissy & the Hobos, The Chanterelles) and Clinton Charlton (Bonnett House, Jessica Rhaye & the Ramshackle Parade).

The show will feature performances by some of Fredericton’s finest: Peter Hicks, Juanita Bourque, John Heinstein, Barry Hughes, Shane Guitar, Jamie Guitar, Kelly Waterhouse, Jonnie Price, Ross Beckett, Mike Hatheway, Chris Browne, Erin Keith, Ethan Young-Lai, Jason Sonier, Sylvia Reentovich, Justine Everett, Aidan Hicks, Sleepy Driver.