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samedi 19 octobre 2019 - 8:00
Billets et événements: Sièges A 38,50 $ -- Sièges B 33,50 $ (+TVH)
The KING of the Stage Hypnotists

Les billets seront mis en vente le vendredi 24 mai à 10h.

Mystical Entertainment for the whole Family to enjoy.

Playing to sold-out houses everywhere, the highly anticipated showman extraordinaire—Jason Cyrus brings you the hottest theatrical stage hypnosis show in Canada.  Audiences everywhere are mesmerized saying, “That was the greatest, funniest show I ever saw!” Jason’s shows are filled with fun, high energy and non-stop laughter!  The interactive entertainment value is beyond compare!  Expect nothing less than sensational when you watch Jason in action!

The fun, the thrills, the uncontrollable laughter, it’s the most hilarious journey into the mind you will ever take!  Witness the power of hypnosis!  A guaranteed unforgettable experience!

It just doesn’t get any better than this!




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