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Thursday 01 April 2021 - 7:30pm
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Well known in Newfoundland as the Whale Man, Dr. Jon Lien pioneered techniques for rescuing whales trapped in fishing nets. Often risking his very life in the water with the formidable and frightened animals, Lien would seek to earn their trust as much as the fishermen’s. His ability to free more than 500 whales, while doing as little damage to the fishing gear as possible, won the hard-earned respect of the fishermen. Despite his risky work, Lien’s biggest fight came at the hands of a lengthy illness. Before he passed away in 2010, his body was slowly conquered by immobility and dementia.

Between Breaths jumps time backwards, from the final moments of Lien’s life – in a wheelchair and dealing with brain damage – to his very first whale intervention. As his life becomes further and further confined, his mind stretches itself in memories of release and salvation.


Please be advised this performance contains occasional use of strong language.