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A split image with Pallmer, two musicians on one side and Daniel Lanois on the other side.

Tickets sold through Harvest Music Festival.

7:30pm - Pallmer
Pallmer is a chamber-pop project who crafts songs to pluck at your heartstrings. Using a cello and viola, their music melds their love of songwriting with their classical training, using loopers and guitar pedals to expand the possibilities of their instruments. The band has taken a slow, steady approach to releasing music: after two EPs and two years of writing, Pallmer returned to the studio to record "Swimming." Pallmer worked with JUNO award-winning producer Joshua van Tassel on a collection of 9 songs that interweave layers of strings, bass, synthesizers, and marimba-like percussion. The album will be released in 2023.  

8:30pm - Daniel Lanois 
Daniel Lanois is a name that deserves to be mentioned alongside the finest sonic experimenters of the 20th century - and the 21st century too. Yes, he's been willing to step back into the background as others take the limelight, but that shouldn't diminish his contribution, which ripples throughout practically every style and sound of the modern era. Whatever you're listening to - whether it be acoustic or electronic, roots or futurist, underground or pop – if you listen closely you'll hear traces of the sonic signatures of Daniel Lanois. He's still experimenting as eagerly as he ever has. At a point when most musicians with anything resembling his level of success would be resting on their laurels and playing on old successes, he still has more hunger for the new than people a third his age, and as a result is creating music as beautiful and new as ever before.  



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