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A magician with his arms extended, cards flying in an arc from his hands

The Amazing Max is a magic show, but the magic doesn’t just happen onstage: it also happens in the audience, as viewers of all ages are delighted by Max Darwin’s performance. Darwin earned the title “The Amazing Max” for his extraordinary skills as a magician, but he is also known for his ability to entertain older audiences while keeping the little ones spellbound. His show has been performed off-Broadway and on national tours since 2011, and has received rave reviews from The New York Times, Huffington Post, and PBS Kids. 

“Every show I do is totally unique,” says Max, “because every kid is totally unique.” By inviting kids onstage to participate, he creates a special and unforgettable experience every time. Stunning visual effects, infectious energy, and an irresistible stage presence make Max a joy to watch.

Suitable for all ages.

Plus, join Max for a post-show meet and greet in front of the theatre’s step for pics and sign autographs.


“Pay What You Will” is offered on select performances. Here’s how it works:

– You still need a ticket. Book your seats in advance at, by calling our box office at 458-8344, or visiting us at 686 Queen Street.

– At the performance, we will provide an envelope and ask audience members to pay whatever amount they wish (based on their own individual experience) following the performance.

You decide the price of your tickets!

The objective of “Pay What You Will” is to increase access to our programs, and to encourage our patrons to take a chance on new and exciting performances.

Max 8 tickets.

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