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Our Team

Our greatest asset is our people – their skill and knowledge, their commitment and dedication, and their relationships and passion. Our top-notch team is ready to make your event or your visit to the Playhouse a memorable one.


Tim Yerxa
Executive Director

506-459-6203 | Email 

Sally Goodwin
Director of Operations
506-459-6330 | Email

Della Shepherd
Finance & Administration Manager
506-459-6200 | Email 

Meghan Callaghan 
Marketing & Communications Manager
506-459-6210 | Email

Melissa Cameron
Ticketing Operations Manager
506-459-6220 | Email

Lesandra Dodson
Programs Manager
506-459-6209 | Email

Tammy Faulkner 
Assistant Technical Services Manager
506-459-6228 | Email

Jeffery Fevens 
Facilities & Systems Manager
506-459-6218 | Email

Julie Friddell
Development Manager

506-459-6207 | Email

Dave Garson
Technical Services Manager
506-459-6208 | Email

Georgia Priestley-Brown
Patron Services Manager
506-459-6217 | Email