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Designated parking for persons with disabilities is available on the corner of Queen and St. John Street, with a lowered curb at the corner. Additional accessible parking spaces are available in the East End Parking Garage, connected to the Fredericton Convention Centre. 

Accessing the Building

The Playhouse main entrance is on Queen Street and has a ramped sidewalk on the right of the doors, next to the Fredericton Convention Centre. Button-activated automatic doors lead into the lobby and box office area. 


Washrooms are wheelchair accessible with specifically assigned stalls in both men’s and women’s washrooms.

Theatre Experience 

There are several removable seats in the auditorium floor specifically designed to meet the needs of patrons in wheelchairs; the entrance and aisles into the auditorium (floor-level) are ramped. In addition, we also have transfer seats that make it easier for patrons in wheelchairs to transfer to the fixed theatre seating if preferred – please be sure to let the box office staff know at the time of ordering if you require a wheelchair or transfer seat during a performance. While tickets may be booked online, if a transfer or wheelchair-specific seat is required, please call or visit the box office in person to book these tickets.

The Playhouse is also fully equipped with an Assistive Listening System throughout the auditorium for persons hard of hearing. These can be found at the Coat Check in the main lobby and are available upon request.

The theatre doors are typically open 30 minutes before a performance begins; if you need any additional assistance, please ask a volunteer usher when you arrive.