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Friday 16 November 2018 - 7:30pm
Ticket Prices: Regular $37.50 -- Sen/Stu $33.50 -- Child 12 & under $25.50 -- Group 10+ $31.50 (+hst)
The Best of Tour

2018BuddySo this is it. You’ve been coming to the shows now for 35 years. I’ve got a bad shoulder from wearing instrument straps, Wayne has nearly killed himself in the woods twice… has a warning from his doctor! Ray was found on Western Brook pond floating in his boat aimlessly not realizing we had to be on tour the next day. All of this is to say we’re relaxing a bit. After writing 25 shows over 30+ years, creating a catalogue of more than 400 individual pieces of music and humour, we don’t create like we used to. The kids are grown up and independent and now the grandchildren have arrived so we’re less vital to the progress of humanity.

So, in putting this show together there was only one thing to do… draw on our laurels, rip the past for decent material and see if we could recreate a show that looks like us in the 90’s, back when men wore jump suits and head bands, listened to Eddie Van Halen for meaningful lyrics, Madonna made her debut, Michael Jackson did Thriller and people watched MTV.

Sure, we’ll have a few new pieces, who doesn’t. We’re turning the cart around though;  in our last tour we got into heavy stuff, Blues, Rock; two tours ago it was Hip-Hop. If that was progress we’re afraid of our future, so we gotta get back to our roots. Pure zaniness, frivolous novelty, simple folk songs, lovely ballads and traditional Newfoundland music. See you at “The Theatre”.

For 35 years Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers have been touring the country, liberally  splashing their unique taste of Newfoundland about in places as far from home as Iqaluit and Port Hardy, and painting it evenly all over areas between. It has brought them to more than 360 communities in Canada, the major cities, the smallest towns. The flavor of the Buddy experience is one of homegrown folk music, song and recitation, monologues and sketch comedy. Reaching for the most sublime song portraiture, the most poignant recitation, playing the most beautiful of the traditional music, adding in deeply emotional travel anecdotes and bashing about humour as to widen the emotional loop, audiences are left teary eyed and simultaneously exhausted from laughter. All in all the best two hours you’ll ever spend.



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